The Chania Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a Public Entity, constituting a mandatory, self-contained and independent union of natural and legal persons, practicing commercial activity in the region of the Chania Prefecture. Though overseen by the Ministry of Development, it is neither funded by the state, nor does it burden the national budget.

Chamber’s Purpose

The purpose of the Chania Chamber of Commerce & Industry is –within its jurisdiction– “the protection and growth of commerce, industry, crafts and export, of the professions, the tertiary sector, within the framework of the national economy’s interests as well as its financial growth”.

All businesses “engaging in commercial activities or have a commercial status in the region” of the Chania Chamber of Commerce & Industry are obliged to be registered. In accordance with Law 2081/92, the following have to enter the Chamber’s General Registry:

  • Natural Persons from the beginning of their commercial activity
  • Legal Persons (G.P., L.P., L.T.D., S.A.) from the moment of their formation
  • Branches and Manufacturing Units from the moment of their setup

Members of the Chania Chamber of Commerce & Industry can be informed about contract notices concerning procurements and service providing, inquire information from foreign commercial guides and greek and foreign commercial exhibition archives, access business catalogues by industry, educated about various governmental authorities and provided services (for example: patent licensing, Barcodes, trademark registration, foreign trade agency, export credit agency, ISO, etc).